• We provide tailor made Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS) for SMEs.

  • We assure SMEs standardize pre-service & pre-product processes.

  • We make your business ready to take advantages of CETA.

Why QAS for SMEs
How we do
Sector Focus

4 Easy Steps For Business Process Improvement

1) We analyze your business with a self-assessment

Self-assessment diagnoses corporate performance of your business.

2) We suggest a road map for delicate fields to be improved

A road map, an improvement proposal, lists categorized and prioritized fields to be improved based on the self-assessment.

3) We implement international quality standards for the improvement

Delicate fields in the road map are improved conforming to international standards.

4) We ensure your business is recognized by the international accreditation

Improvement provides prestigious international accreditation in your service and product quality.

About Us


We assist businesses in balancing their overall corporate performance within four major categories; (finance, customers, processes and employees). Subsequently, we introduce and implement ISO standards as a baseline for them. Through these steps, ultimately we assist businesses in attaining internationally recognized excellence, through the receipt of prestigious certifications. (EFQM, Malcolm Baldrige and Excellence Canada).

Our focus is on providing integrated strategic management solutions to make small and medium sized enterprises nimbler, simpler, more efficient and reputable through a custom made and sustainable approach. In an effort to help these businesses reach their goals, we do not only develop and improve their corporate development at home, but also give them a competitive advantage in their international market efforts, by preparing them to be accredited in international regulations.


Transatlantic Business Consulting aims to become a leader consulting firm in its focused industries with setting up internationally recognized business excellence models and international accreditation for increasing their profitability and value of the brand names. .

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