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Cloud Migration & Adoption

Cloud Migration is the process of moving an organization's IT resources, content, services, digital assets and applications either partially or wholly without business interruption. We help you in this process so you can run your business secure, robust, and effective.  Cloud migration offers security, agility, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and remote collaboration across the business.

We Deliver:

  • Cloud Services and Migration

  • Microsoft Technologies and Platforms - Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, and Azure

  • AWS Technologies and Platforms

  • DevOps - DevSecOps, DevOps/SRE, AI/ML Ops

  • Architecture, Networking Design and Implementation Services

  • Development, Implementation, Integration, and Maintenance of IM/IT applications

Cloud Centre of Excellence

As an organization's cloud journey begins, a valuable best practice is establishing a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). Along with the cloud consulting partner, this center of high-performers and forward-thinkers from within the organization can steer cloud efforts throughout the organization, maintain momentum, and advocate for adoption. It can evaluate the workloads that are well-suited to move to the cloud and centralize the cloud strategy, ensuring an agile, iterative and horizontal capability.

The CCoE organizationally sits in the Central IT function and operates similarly to an agile product team. The creation of this team occurs before any design or build activities take place, and the team ordinarily consists of a product owner, a scrum master, and several cross-functional DevOps engineers.

The CCoE's responsibilities begin with designing all foundational elements of the cloud platform, soon progressing to build activities. The team will then continue to incrementally iterate on the platform, adding further features and automating additional components. As applications on-board to the platform, the CCoE provides an operational capability to support the cloud platform and shared services that applications leverage.

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